Asheville advanced Meisner students discuss their work


Memorable Moments from Asheville:

In April 2017, Kelley's classes in Asheville begin through his association with North Carolina Stage Company, downtown Asheville's professional (AEA) theatre. Class sessions take place at NC Stage's rehearsal space on Riverside Drive with students' final scenes being presented on the downtown professional stage for an invited audience. 

Kelley has been invited to join the faculty at the Academy for the Arts in Asheville, helping to expand their Arts program from music instruction to include acting training.


Susannah Frawley

“I’d love to have the opportunity to complete the remaining levels of Meisner with Kelley—the basic training from level 1 has been invaluable. It’s given me structure and freedom on set and that’s led to some really beautiful moments.”

Susannah Frawley - 2017 Asheville Meisner 1 student - currently in Atlanta working in film and television.

Throughout the course of the two Meisner classes I have taken from Kelley, Meisner #1 and Meisner #2

Throughout the course of the two Meisner classes I have taken from Kelley, Meisner #1 and Meisner #2,  I found myself thinking frequently, " I wish I had known this years ago".  His understanding of the method is clearly impeccable and what is passed on through any time spent in his class is an enormous benefit for any actor who has not or has studied Meisner. You could not ask for a better mentor. Any time I had an audition, call back, or just needed advice Kelley did not hesitate to help. It is an excellent method with an exceptional instructor. It is more than worth the time and money. 

-James Dillon

"I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Kelley for years. When I found out he was teaching in Asheville again, I contacted him 5 minutes later and was back in his classes within 3 days. He's a true artist with a heart of gold. His patience and compassion is rare in this industry, and both have encouraged me to push and discover myself as an artist. He's always happy to help me figure out and navigate industry decisions that allow me to achieve my acting goals. He even helped my transition to my new agent! He's always been a valuable resource for me, and I recommend every actor trying at least one of his classes."

-Mandy Hughes