Memorable Moments from Charlotte:

Since his Meisner acting classes in Charlotte began in January 2015, Kelley will have had graduating classes of students - completing all four levels of Meisner training - in 2016, 2017, and 2018 with many students realizing their acting goals for the first time in their careers. These achievements include being cast in such series as ATLANTA and BETTER CALL SAUL and national commercials to landing leading roles in independent films and appearing on stage in local and regional theatre.



Chantey Colet

The improv sessions in Kelley's class provided me with some of the best tools I think I'll ever learn. Through these sessions, I was able to really listen and respond...resulting a few times in what I call an actor's nirvana. Thrilling  moments for me. Through this training, I was able to book the lead in the very powerful play Luna Gale.  Kelley truly cares and wants each of us to be successful in our endeavors.  I'm forever grateful!


Paul Gibson

I have really enjoyed learning the Meisner Technique with Kelley Hinman. He has helped uncover the hidden elements of my acting that were once concealed. His teaching has helped my confidence, and the ability to take on large auditions and roles like “Seminar" at Spirit Square. He really loves what he does and is one of the kindest, most compassionate people I know. His passion for Meisner technique is just as strong today as it was when he studied with Sanford Meisner many moons ago.


Ted Lacki

I’ve tried others, and Meisner is the technique that finally gave me the “go-to” fundamentals I was looking for to feel comfortable on set, working as an actor. And it’s translated into being part of an award-winning UNCSA student film, and other notable indie film, tv and commercial print projects, not to mention, landing a reputable talent agent.

Always utterly involved in class exercises, Kelley lives through it all with each and every one of us, and it’s done in a professional and supportive manner. Even outside of class, when he’s been there to assist me with auditions.

Various offerings make classes accessible, and some delightful showcases have provided extra performance practice with live audiences, and a chance to be with our Meisner community."


Diane Overcash

Most recent work: ON GOLDEN POND at CPCC 

Kelley Hinman's Meisner Technique class has gotten me off to an excellent start in pursuing my passion to become an actor. Having no acting background, I was able to grow quickly through the layered steps that the Meisner technique teaches. I feel I have solid skills now that I can build on as I gain further experience in the field of acting. I also appreciate Kelley's hands-on, individualized approach to teaching. I am amazed at the personal and professional confidence I have gained as a result of taking these classes. As a result of studying with Kelley, I'm getting cast in significant parts in plays I have auditioned for. I am looking forward to continuing my studies with him.


Sandra Perry

Most recent work: BETTER CALL SAUL

Personally, this class has helped me tremendously. It’s given me confidence. I’ve had more call backs and have booked more roles.

For those of you that are serious about your craft, I highly recommend Kelley’s class. The classes are small, he takes a personal interest in each student.  He encourages us, and yes he can be hard on us, but never demeaning. This is a technique of acting that can be used as a foundation for the rest of your acting career. 

Kelley knows his stuff!


"Learning Meisner Technique has sharpened my acting skills and raised the caliber of my performances. Kelley is an engaging and effective teacher. He is relatable and expresses genuine care for his students and their growth in the craft of acting. In Kelley's class I gained valuable technique and also formed friendships with other students that has insured my continued growth as an actor and has even inspired the production of numerous short films."

Jeremy Carr